Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Week is nationally observed and set aside as a period of time in which children are educated in many aspects and various ways regarding peer pressure, drug and alcohol abuse, refusal skills, and much more. This is accomplished through child-centered workbooks, relevant all-school activities, videos, etc. Redeemer students will participate in Red Ribbon Week with daily activities. On the first day of Red Ribbon week students are given a red bracelet with an anti-drug slogan on it that they wear all week. These bracelets are not removed until culmination of Red Ribbon Week. Students will discover various forms and types of drug and alcohol abuse, the difference between positive and negative peer pressure and how to handle it. They will also learn refusal skills and most importantly the importance of positive self-esteem. The issues and life lessons brought up during this week are very important for the well being of your children, and we are grateful for the opportunity to influence and educate them in these areas. Our prayer and desire is that your children get through life free from drugs and alcohol.

The students at Redeemer have celebrated Red Ribbon Week in various ways such as: making pledges, wearing red on a designated day, having a contest to see which class has the most students wearing red, making a banner to “We’re Drug Free” with their handprints, visits from the Los Angeles Police Department who discussed police drug awareness, and even getting to sit/play in a police car. In addition, students have seen a police helicopter come and hover over the playground and watched an awesome BMX Stunt show promoting “Just Say No.”


Redeemer’s Christmas and Spring Musicals showcases the skills that the students have learned throughout the school year. Participation in the school musicals is a special opportunity for our students and attendance is recommended.

Book It
“ Book It” is Redeemer’s reading incentive program sponsored by Pizza Hut which starts in October and runs through March. Each student records their personal reading goal on a reading verification form. At the end of the month, parents sign their child’s reading verification form and return it to school so that they can receive a pizza certificate that they can take to Pizza Hut and redeem for a personal pan pizza. When they redeem their certificate they will receive a button and recognition sticker at Pizza Hut. If your child is unable to participate this month, never fear a new month will be starting and every child starts all over again with their personal reading goal.


Magazine & Gift Drive begins in September. This fundraiser can easily raise $4,000 with your support and dedication. Our Library, Computer Lab, playground equipment, hot lunch program, scholarships to families in need, bathroom remodel, class wish lists, white boards, playground matting are only a few examples of blessings that have come from these fundraisers over the last ten years. Please ask your family, friends, and business associates to not only take new magazine subscriptions, but renew their present ones with our drive. The school gets 50% of the subscription price, your child earns exciting prizes, and you receive great products. Hold off on renewing your subscriptions and do it at this time. Our goal is to have every family sell at least 5 orders.

Cookie, Pizza, Cheesecake Drive
Can you imagine the gift basket ideas you could put together! Orders arrive in November. The good news is your child earns great prizes and your family will have lots of fun baking together. In addition to great prizes and yummy cookies, for every item sold, the school receives 50% profit. What a great deal!

Candy Drive
Reese’s, Hershey’s chocolate, Kit Kat. Who doesn’t love chocolate? This fundraiser commences in March and in addition to great prizes for your child, the school receives 50% profit for every candy bar sold.

Schools Rule
This program is sponsored by Westside Pavilion and Santa Monica Place Mall. For every dollar spent at these malls, Redeemer will earn 10 points. This program runs from September 15th through May 15th. All you have to do is bring your receipts to guest services at the mall or into the school office and Redeemer gets the points. Every dollar spent is significant in the race to be the school to earn the most points! At the end of the year, Westside Pavilion and Santa Monica Place will award mall gift certificates based on the amount of points each school has earned toward the purchase of school supplies and equipment.

Shakey’s Night
A great way to fellowship with other Redeemer families. Invite tons of family and friends, eat-in or take-out your meal. All receipts are placed into a box on the counter. At the end of the night, the receipts are tallied and Redeemer gets 10% of the total amount spent that evening. No clean-up crew required, just each families participation.

Souplantation Night
Another great way to fellowship with other Redeemer families. Operates just like Shakey’s night. All you have to do is show up, buy some food, turn in your receipts and Redeemer gets to keep a percentage.

Box Tops
An easy, year-round fundraiser. As you shop for groceries look for General Mills, Pillsbury, Progresso, & Betty Crocker products. Everyone bakes and eats cereal. Just clip off the tag which says “Box Tops for Education” turn into the office and Redeemer will receive cash for each tag. Thank you for taking the time to search for General Mills products. Classroom contests are coming. Constantly save Box Tops! For a list of products contact the office for a flyer or go to

Campbell’s Labels
Campbell’s Labels for Education™ is an easy, fun way to help Redeemer get free educational merchandise, including computers, sports equipment and musical instruments. All you have to do is save your labels and bring them into the office. To find out what products are eligible, go to or call the office for a flyer.

Help Our School Earn $350 to $3,000 - It's As Easy As 1-2-3!

Participate in the School Cents program at Westside Pavilion.  Here's what to do:

1.  Sign up for School Cents email reminders and earn up to 2,000 points instantly for our school. 

2.  Beginning September 15, shop and log receipts at Guest Services to earn at least five points per dollar spent.

3.  Watch for the School Cents flyer with great bonus points offers.

Redeemer is part of the Target Take Charge of Education! For every dollar you spend at Target, they will give back to Redeemer 1% if you have a Target Guest Card. Remember to use your card every time you shop.

Community Discount Cards
Discount cards for various communities are on sale for $10.00. For each card sold, Redeemer receives a 50% profit. We have cards for the following communities: Culver City, Santa Monica, Torrance, Inglewood and El Segundo areas. Other communities are also available, please call the school office.


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