Each child must have a licensed physician's report, complete identification and emergency information. Redeemer Baptist School will make no distinction in its Admission Policy or educational services on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, or religious training. Redeemer Baptist School will not discriminate against any applicant because of gender either in its admissions procedures or through its education programs and activities.

Each year in the Spring we register our current students before opening enrollment to the public. During this time period we offer a discounted registration fee. After the designated dates, the registration fee returns to the current $190.00 fee. After the last day of school re-enrolling students must pay $235.00. Registration is an elective process. You may choose to register at reduced rates offered in February and March. All registration fees are non-refundable.

a) Annual tuition of $5,900 paid in full by the 15 of September will receive a 3% discount.

b) Tuition may be paid in ten monthly installments (September-June) as a convenience to parents. We accept cash, check, credit card.

  1. $590.00 One child

  2. $1092.00 Two children

  3. $1,518.00 Three children

c) All tuition is due of the first of each month. Children may not be permitted to attend class if accounts are more than 15 days in arrears.

d) Your account is considered past due after the 8th of each month and a $15.00 late charge is added.

e) By the 15th of each month you will receive a letter stating that if your account is not paid in full your child is not welcome to return on the following day.

f) A $15.00 charge will be made for each returned check. We will not accept post dated checks, or checks on hold.

g) We suggest that payments be made by check or money order to avoid loss. If you send in a sealed envelope, please put your child's name on the front.

h) All accounts must be settled before final grade reports are given out in June.

i) When a check has been returned to us for the second time because of insufficient funds, we require cash, cashier checks or money orders to settle the account in the future.

j) In case of a financial emergency, a family may ask the Board, in writing for special consideration.


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