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ACSI SPEECH MEET - A student demonstrates his/her ability by delivering a memorized poem, speech, or passage to the audience. All selections must be taken from ACSI Elementary Speech Materials collection, available from the Student Activities Office. One pupil from each class in a grade level may represent his school in each available category. A complete set of poems and passages for each grade level is provided for the school. Students do not compete against one another. Students must be enrolled in grades one through six (1-6). Students may participate in the following categories:

  1. Grades 1 - Poetry; Bible Memorization

  2. Grades 2-4 Poetry; Bible Memorization, Fable and Folklore

  3. Grades 5-6 Poetry; Dramatic Bible Prose; Bible Memorization; Patriotic Oration; Original Speech

The event is a half-day event. Every participant receives a ribbon: Superior (blue), Excellent (red), Good (white), or Honorable Mention (yellow). A rosette ribbon is awarded to those students who participate in the Original Speech category.

MATH OLYMPICS- The ACSI Math Olympics challenges students in two categories: Arithmetic Computation and Mathematical Reasoning. Students compete with students in their own grade levels. Student must be enrolled in grades three through eight (3-8). Each school may enter no more than 2 students in the computation category and 2 students in the reasoning category per grade level. The maximum number of student from any school would be 24. Next meet April 2, 2004 - Redeemer Baptist School.

HANDBELL FESTIVALS - The Handbell Festival comprises a clinic session and a rehearsal of combined pieces. After a handbell demonstration or mini-concert, individual choirs perform their own selections. The festival concludes with a performance of the combined pieces

The handbell choir must be a functioning group within the school. Students must be enrolled in grades four through six (4-6) for elementary choirs.The Handbell Festival may be a half or full-day event, depending on the size and location of the event. A Certificate of Participation and a written adjudication are given to each choir director.

CHORAL FESTIVALS - The Elementary Choral Festival is both an educational and performance event. Choirs must be a functioning group within a school, comprised of student in grades four through six (4-6). The choral festival entails an evening rehearsal and adjudication time, concluding with a concert program for the public. Choirs meet in the early evening for a combined rehearsal.

School choirs prepare two selections of required repertoire for a combined performance with other choirs at the conclusion of the festival. Each choir also prepares two sacred or patriotic songs for adjudication by the guest conductor. Because the focus of the festival is on vocal productions, use of body motions shall be limited to those written into the score by the composer (e.g., hand claps, finger snaps). All selections must be published works appropriate for the elementary voice, memorized, and accompanied by piano only (no taped music).


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