Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what age can my child begin attending your school?

Students entering our program must be 4 years of age by November 1st of the current year.

2. What is your policy on classroom visits?

Parents are welcome in the school. When you desire to visit a class, just let us know. Classroom visits should be arranged through the office twenty-four hours in advance. Our policy is to limit school visits to thirty minutes per visit.

3. What can I do if my child forgets to take his book or home lunch?

Lunch, homework, books, etc. may be left in the office to be delivered. Please do not take things directly to the rooms as it creates a disruption.

4. Can someone else pick up my child, what are your requirements?

When a child is to be picked up by someone other than the custodial parents or regular carpool driver, advance notice must be sent to the office or daycare. Verification of the individual’s identity may be requested.

5. Does your school administer any type of SAT testing?

Academic achievement at Redeemer Baptist Elementary is carefully monitored on a yearly basis using the Terra Nova Test. This test is a nationally respected instrument for measurement of scholastic achievement. Our students’ excellent test scores reinforce our reputation for solid academics. The tests are machine scored and computer print-outs are available to parents in the final report card.

6. Do you hold children back from moving on to the next grade level?

As a general guideline, a student must receive an average grade of C- in all subjects in order to be promoted to the next grade level. Meeting these standards allows your child to be promoted to the next grade. If a student does not meet the standards for promotion he may be placed in the next grade if recommended by Teacher & Administrator. Placement in the next grade would mean the child will need assistance, through tutoring and parent intervention to succeed in the next grade.

7. Does Redeemer Elementary belong to any accredited educational organization?

Redeemer Baptist Elementary School is an active member of The Association of Christian Schools International. Participation in this International Association offers many benefits to the school and students alike, such as: Accreditation Board, Excellent Teacher’s Conventions, Administrator’s Conference, Choral and Art Festivals, Academic Activities for Students, and Seminars and Group rates for field trip activities.

8. My child has an attachment to his favorite toy, is he allowed to bring it into the classroom?

Radios, electrical toys (such as Game Boys) or personal toys such as baseball cards, trading cards, walkmans, Barbies, or sticker collections are not allowed at school or in Regular Day Care. Personal items will be placed in the office and may be picked up by the parent and the child after school.

9. What is your policies on a sick child and administering medication?

When a child is sick or seriously hurt, the parents are informed immediately. Sick children should be picked up by the parent or guardian as quickly as possible. Parents must send written permission for a child to take medicine at school. Medication needs to be in its original bottle. Also, a medication form issued by the office will need to be signed. Including inhalers. Please leave all medicine in the school office. If we are unable to reach parents, the first person listed on the emergency cards will be contacted. No medications are to be kept in the classroom or lockers. Please do not send your child to school with a fever.

10. My child is constantly forgetting things, what are your policies on finding lost items?

Students are urged to have their names written on jackets and other personal belongings. Unclaimed items at the end of the day will be transferred to the lost and found cupboard, found across the playground. Lost and found jewelry, money, or other small items are in the school office.


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