Words cannot express what a blessing Redeemer Baptist
has been to our family.

Redeemer provides an environment of nurturing and learning governed by Word of God.

“Family” is really the best word to describe what we have received by sending our son to Redeemer Baptist. What a comfort it is to know that not only is he getting a wonderful education but is also receiving guidance from teachers who love the Lord.

All of the teachers and staff here at Redeemer are so dedicated
to their work and continually set examples to the children through their own lives.

Angela & Perry Collins, Parents of Kendall
Ferguson-Holiday & Mia Collins

If you ask my six year old son Joseph if he likes school, he'll tell you flat out, "no." Then, if you wait a beat or two, he will clarify, "no, I LOVE it."

I personally refer to Redeemer as the "Mom and Pop School." After all, where else can you find an exemplary and distinguished academic CHRISTIAN elementary school, located amongst the huge metropolis of L.A., where you actually get personal, individualized, meaningful prayer and day to day attention?!

Case in point...where else can you call up and confess you've forgotten to pack your kids lunch, and have the staff tell you "no problem, not to worry, that your child WILL be fed (and actually mean it,) not to mention have the usual boo boo's mended, and youth-driven rifts resolved in a loving, caring, supportive environment?

Redeemer's teachers and staff alike know all the kids from the little, fidgety lamb-like kindergartners to the hormonally-driven, always maturing sixth graders intimately, as if it were a one-room school house. Some of my most engaging, motivational, and inspiring moments have occurred while simply hanging out in the office, both times with and without my kids. The personal and personable attention parents and children receive is simply the best."

In his first grade class, Joseph is reading, writing, adding and subtracting with confidence, and ease thanks to the most amazing teachers I could have wished for my son. This, mixed with computer lab, music, and P.E. make for a stimulating day. It is this type of academic model that gives our children a hunger to learn more, do more, help more, be more.

The BEST and most important part of my testimony as to why I couldn't imagine a life without Redeemer Elementary - is when I experience Chapel time. Children of all color, size and shape, authentically worshipping and singing out to the Lord with everything that is pure and innocent in their hearts makes me weep every single time. My tears of joy flow because these kids love God so much that you can see it all over their precious and unique faces, from their outstretched arms reaching towards Him, and for the intensity in their voices...strong, powerful, and true. I can't think of anything more beautiful and satisfying.

There is no doubt in my heart that God has His mighty hand all over Redeemer Baptist Elementary...a truly genuine and authentic Christian educational experience where prayer is mighty and the love of Jesus just radiates all over.

Susan Staraci
Mom to 6 year old, Joseph Staraci


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Miss Alanis is such an extra-ordinary teacher. My daughter is so excited to learn from her. She comes home constantly thrilled and tells us all about the fun things she is learning in class. Miss Alanis goes above and beyond as a teacher. Her creativity and excitement are contagious. She is a rare find! My family has been blessed by Redeemer Elementary School.